WiFi Network Installations

Hotels, Retail, and Large Venues

by Deep Blue Communications

Over the last 10+ years, Deep Blue Communications has installed more than 1,200 WiFi networks in hotels, retail outlets, and large entertainment venues across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We pride ourselves on having the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable installation crew. We are one of the few retail and hotel WiFi installation and support providers that perform all of our own WiFi installations and configurations without outside contractors.


To meet the unique requirements of each national hotel chain, we offer a full range of custom WiFi network design, installation, support, development and monetization services. Our systems provide High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) to exceed the strictest brand standards. From the guest rooms to the front desk, our solutions deliver a reliable connection at each and every location.


Retail continually looks for new tools to monetize WiFi networks and Deep Blue is here to provide them. Our new engage! software suite enables retailers to monetize their network, engage their customers on the social network platform they prefer, and pro-actively protect their online reputation. With engage! you know who your customers are and how to better meet their needs.

Large Entertainment Venues

High user density venues have proven to be a challenge for some WiFi network providers, but not Deep Blue. Not only will our networks accommodate massive numbers of logins, they will also locate guests with real-time LBS (Location Based Services). Deep Blue’s Cloud hosted SCG solution provides the reliability, redundancy, and performance needed to handle large numbers of concurrent users and keep them all satisfied.

10+ Years of Experience

Deep Blue serves three primary verticals: hospitality, retail, and high user density venues such as amusement parks and conference centers. Our hospitality clients include major hotel brands such as Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, and Choice Hotels International. We are a Preferred Vendor for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. We also have designed, installed and supported WiFi solutions for major national retailers such as CarMax, Planet Fitness, NYS Worker’s Compensation Board, and Price Chopper Supermarkets. In the high user density arena we are proud to add the Saratoga Racetrack (capacity over 50,000) and the 100,000 square feet Conference Center at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore, Maryland to our expanding portfolio.

Technical Certifications

With certifications in Advance Fiber Optics and Design in accordance with BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International), RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Design) and CEC (Consolidated Electric Cooperative) Standards, our experience enables us to meet the needs of any project. We analyze your existing infrastructure to determine all supplies and equipment needed to make sure your installation is carried out in an efficient and timely manner. We can make use of existing cabling, fiber or switching infrastructure or we can install a new network from scratch. When we arrive on site, we come prepared.


Ruckus Wireless Top Dog Partner

We are a Top Dog Ruckus Wireless Partner, and have installed Ruckus WiFi hardware solutions for a wide variety of hospitality, retail and high user density venues. We have recently added the SCG-200 and can offer complete cloud-based hosting. With the SCG-200 we can manage tens of thousands of access points ensuring a consistent user experience across all your locations, while providing better uptime than a locally managed Ruckus Zone Director.

Ruckus Top Dog Authorized Partner Ruckus Wireless

We Care About Your Property

We know that you and your staff spend hours preparing for your guests and customers. You spend time plan-o-gramming your displays to increase customer purchases. In the case of hotels, your cleaning staff makes the extra effort to make a room perfect for incoming guests. Large theme parks are continuously policing the grounds to provide clean and pleasant surroundings for fun-seekers. You just don’t need someone coming in and messing things up on you.

Our technicians always take care not to damage any property and clean their work area after a WiFi installation. We treat your property like our own and leave it in the condition we found it.

We strive to preserve your décor by installing our hardware inconspicuously. When possible, wireless access points are installed out of view in the ceiling. All power cabling is neatly secured and out of sight. When performing an outdoor WiFi installation, we place access points such that they blend in with the environment to preserve the natural beauty of the location.

Testing and Quality Assurance Ensure
Great Results

After the hardware and software installation is complete, it receives extensive testing and documentation. Our onsite technicians and remote engineering WiFi support team run full set of WiFi diagnostics to ensure it is operating to full capacity and integrates properly with chosen software solution.